Zinc Composite Panel

        YOOBOND? Zinc composite product is composited with zinc materials and non-toxic PE or fr core materials under advanced compositing technology.It not only maintains the Zinc’s characteristics of nature,self-repairing,long life span,but also offers excellent flatness,high strength to withstand wind load,and other recognized properties of aluminum composite panel.Zinc makes classical aesthetics integrated with modern technology,can make building shining with vitality.
        Zinc Composite Panel
        Panel Thickness ?4mm
        Cover Zinc Thickness ? 0.5mm
        Core Materials PE Core / FR Core
        Standard Size (W x L ) ?1000 x 2440 mm
        ?1000 x 2500mm
        ?1000 x 3050mm
        ?1000 x 4050mm
        The above dimensions are standard ex works.
        Individual sizes are available on request.
        Test Item Test Method Result
        Thickness Microcalliper Zinc 0.512mm
        Aluminum 0.629mm
        Flexural strength ASTM D790-10 Method A 143MPa
        Heat deflection temperature ASTM D648-07 107.2℃
        Flexure shear strength ASTM C393/393M-11 1.05MPaNote
        Perforation shear strength ASTM D732-10 34.4MPa
        Peel strength ASTM D903-98(2010) 0.855kg/mm



        A substainable architectural material

        • 100% recyleable
        • Energy saving during the production process


        A durable material

        • Long life span (70-100)years
        • Natural corrode resistance
        • Grey compact passivated layer formed on the surface
        • Passivation layer in the Zinc surface may be formed within six months to two years


        Low maintenance

        • Slef repair imperfections and scratches
        • Passivated layer is integrated into the Zinc surface and will not come off.And it will be easily cleane by rain water